HQ Toronto, Ontario

The process

You’re just 3 simple steps away from a more beautiful home.

Step 1: In-home consultation
Property styling begins with a one-hour walk-through of the place. This initial appointment is an opportunity for Katia to get acquainted with the space, take photos, create a vision for the space, and make on-the-spot recommendations about pieces should be removed or replaced. 

Following this appointment, a detailed recommendation report will be provided — a checklist of all items that need to be removed or repaired before staging day.  

*The in-home consultation fee of $150 + hst will be waived for clients who move forward with property staging. 
Step 2: Repairs and decluttering
At this stage, all repairs, painting, etc. will be underway and decluttering will begin to make the property feel fresh, bright, and alive with possibilities.
For clients who do not wish to repair or pack on their own, arrangements are made to have this done for them.
Step 3: Styling
Katia will arrive at the property with the hand-selected furniture and accent pieces and will begin to work her magic styling the space to perfection. She uses her keen eye for design to stage the property for maximum appeal to potential buyers. 
Work with katia